Hey guys, my artist name is N1MA and I'm a Tech House producer from Atlanta. I've been using Facebook ads primarily and my most successful song to date is struggling mightily to get picked up on the algorithm and I can't seem to understand why? The song has been out for exactly 2 weeks now and has about 15,000 (20,000 if you include extended mix). I have been using mainly Facebook ads, but I have also used a tik tok campaign and had success with getting on decent playlists. The song has over 800,000 total plays on Tik Tok and the track has been featured on pretty legitimate playlists such as the Toolroom Tech House playlist (very popular Tech House label) and Spinnin Records New Music Friday. I noticed one discover weekly listener and some streams of release radar from my followers, but other than that the algorithm has not given a boost. I'm just curious to why this could be the case? My save right has still been >50% and like I mentioned the popularity index was even above 30% before yesterday's release radar? Does having a radio edit and extended version make a difference? Is it the Tech House genre itself?