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  • Multiple songs in Discover Weekly?

    Hey everyone, is there a limit to how many of your songs can be pushed to Discover Weekly?

    1 month ago I had a total of 3 songs in Discover Weekly. Then I released a new single which quickly got to 20,000+ streams and gained a popularity rating of 30+ (thus triggering the Discover Weekly algorithm). Ever since that happened, it has only gotten a total of 300 streams from Discover Weekly. Meanwhile, my other 3 songs have gotten between 5,000 and 10,000 streams from DW each.

    Even though I'm constantly running ads to this single that are resulting in many saves and streams (and it got a push of ~13,000 streams from Release Radar), this new single just doesn't seem to get any traction on Discover Weekly.


    Is this happening because I already have 3 other songs in Discover Weekly? Is there a limit? What am I missing?

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    Update: Andrew replied to this question during his recent livestream and said he has 10 songs in DW, with monthly streams ranging from 200 to 12,000 for each song.

    So, I guess you can have multiple songs in Discover Weekly. Some just don't get a lot of streams for whatever reason.

    My next question would be: how do I get bigger DW pushes? if you look at big artists with a lot of monthly listeners, each Monday the DW algorithm gives them an amount of new listeners proportionate to their overall monthly listeners. So, I believe the more active listeners I have, the bigger the DW pushes will be. Time to test it out with ads to cheap countries


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      I honestly think the amount of volume you get in a DW push has mostly to do with how the song performs on Discover Weekly. Meaning the skip rate, if people heart the song (or select 'not interested'), etc. A lot of the time the first time I see DW for a song its small, then it either stays small or gets bigger the next Monday it updates. Maybe Spotify tests songs with small pushes to measure audience accuracy and then adjusts from there?


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        I totally agree! However, if you compare in Spotify for Artists, you will notice that generally, the more monthly listeners an artist has, the bigger their DW "upticks" will be (i.e. one of mehro's upticks is equivalent to my entire listenership for that day). Also, I don't think you could really get a better DW save rate than ~20% and a couple of my songs have that, but on some weeks, those same songs only get ~1000 DW streams for the whole week. It almost feels like Spotify has pegged me down as a "40k-monthly-listeners-level-artist" and is making sure I stay within that range.