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  • Average Length of Discover Weekly Cycle

    Hi everyone,

    I have just got my first track added to Discover Weekly, in no small part to watching Andrew's Youtube channel and picking up an incredible amount of useful knowledge along the way (so big thank you to Andrew if he happens to read this).

    I am obviously really excited with the news but at the same time want to temper my expectations and not get ahead of myself!

    So my question long does a song tend to keep getting fed out through the DW algorithm? I would presume it varies and is dependent on its performance metrics. But I just wondered what is a typical time period? A couple of weeks? A couple of months? Could it get pulled quickly if it doesn't perform well?

    If any one would like to share their experience of getting songs on DW I'd love to know how they fared. How long the track stayed on/How many streams it got/how it affected save rate and how it might have helped their progress/growth in the big picture!

    Thanks a mill,

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    Great question! I was wondering this as well. I am pretty new to this just like you, so my oldest track got on DW about 2.5 months ago and currently has 77.9k streams from the DW playlist alone. It had and still has a very high save ratio from DW (about 15-20%) so I think that's why it keeps getting added. I watched this video a while back and read his blog post and from what I gathered, his track was on DW for a good couple of years, making it his primary income source music-wise.

    From what I've gathered so far, your tracks can be on DW or 2 weeks, 2 years, or more. It all depends on how well the people it gets recommended to respond (save ratio, skip rate, etc.) to it. There's probably more to the whole story but that's all I've gathered so far


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      Hey Georgik! Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it.

      That's incredible that you've got that number of streams in such a short period. It must be a really strong track, and your high save rate speaks to that so congrats man!!!

      I have a relatively high save rate for my track overall (about 16%) but it seems to be diluted from getting added to DW and appears to just be hanging in around 10% this past week.
      For this reason I am not holding my breathe for it staying on DW all that long.

      On the positive side of things, the track has 5k streams on DW already and I'm thankful for that even if I don't get a lot more...
      It's also a bit of a source of inspiration to know you can get a track into this position and great to hear success stories like will motivate me to make better music in future to ensure that if I get a track to this position again it will have a better shot at hanging around on the algorithm.

      Thanks again for your reply, I hope you have continued success with your track and all your songs in the future!