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    Hey guys,

    Just a quick question about release radar. I've run several pretty successful song campaigns in the past all resulting in generally 50,000+ streams.

    Usually for me what happens is the first Friday after the release there is little to no traction on release radar but the second Friday it will get a big release radar push. E.g if the song is averaging 200 plays per day the push would be 2000+ streams on the Friday from release radar.

    With my most recent campaign I've been getting good play and save results - 2.7k streams, 1.1k Listens, 437 saves, 140 playlists (song came out 28th Jan) all coming from my existing fanbase and FB ads. But there was no release radar push for my song on Friday. Just wondering if the algorithm is potentially changing or I can maybe expect a push this next Friday.

    From my experience, the first big push on Release Radar is pretty critical - if you miss that it's hard to get on discovery weekly and with no editorial placements you're not gonna get good numbers.

    Just wondering if anyone else can comment on how long it usually takes them to get their release radar push? I was just assuming it was the second Friday which is why I've been releasing on Thursdays.

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    My latest song didnt get a Release Radar push until week 3 (this week) and it was a lot smaller than others are posting. We had about 900 followers on Spotify when the song was released and we got about 200 RR plays the first week, another 100 the following week. This week we got 700 RR plays which appear to be from people who dont follow us on Spotify. Its not much considering that the song is about to cross 5k plays. Ive got my fingers crossed for another week of being pushed on RR, but I'm not gonna hold my breath.

    If you have the time give an update after you start getting next weeks RR numbers.


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      I also have seen some inconsistencies with the algorithmic playlists. A song released mid December with good stats like you listed took almost a month or longer to get in RR and DW. Now my last two singles from January are both in RR. They're all pretty much getting good numbers (several thousand plays a month or week)

      With Discover Weekly my first song did so good. I was getting 30,000+ streams a month from DW. It eventually sloped off but now I have two other songs in discover weekly only getting like 100 plays a month while that first one is still getting 1k+

      So yeah idk but I'm with you on being confused lol


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        It's not just about streams. If it was, then playlisting would work. The AI has to have a big enough pool of engaged listeners to know where to send it for the RR push. We don't know exactly what engagement is needed. Saves are a good indicator, but repeat listens, shares, spending time on the profile, listening to other songs, adding to playlists, listening to the song in playlists, etc. - all of that matters, too. If people are only saving the song after listening once and that's it, your number of saves and streams aren't going to tell Spotify who will love the song. We are only getting clues with our stats, but we don't know the whole story.