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Unknown Spotify Algorithmic Playlist?

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  • Unknown Spotify Algorithmic Playlist?

    Hi everyone, just a quick question, I've got an old song that recently got 200 plays a day consistently, out of the blue and when I checked my analytics, it said that 78% of my streams came from "Spotify Algorithmic Playlists" but on the playlists section of the song it doesn't appear to be in any Release Radar, Discover Weekly, Daily Mix, Radio or any other known Spotify Algorithmic Playlists, anyone knows where these streams are coming from or have the same experience?

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    Same experience. I ran ads to a song last year and after I stopped running the ads, my daily listeners stayed at around ~1,800 for months just due to "Spotify Algorithmic Playlists". Yet when I check the Spotify for Artists page with Discover Weekly, etc. it's all blank.

    You know how sometimes when you play a single on Spotify and when it ends, it generates a playlist of similar music in order to keep playing music? I always assumed that was it


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      Hmm i've never seen this before, maybe georgik is right about the auto-play thing.


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        I face a problem in the Spotify playlist so move my playlist to Itunes.
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