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AMD Ryzen Zen 3 Performance and Release Date

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  • AMD Ryzen Zen 3 Performance and Release Date

    AMD just announced the Zen 3 5000 series line of CPU's including performance benchmarks, pricing and release dates! They also dropped the release date for 'Big Navi' or their 6000 series GPU's.

    5000X Zen 3 CPU Summary - Release Date: November 5th 2020
    • 5900X - 12-core 24-thread 4.8GHz 105W TDP - $549
    • 5800X - 8-core 16-thread 4.7GHz 105W TDP - $449
    • 5600X - 6-core 12-thread 4.6GHz 65W TDP - $299
    On average the 5900X model has a 26% improvement in performance over the 3900X in gaming. They also announced their 5950X model which featured even greater performance in gaming, CAD, rendering, video editing and more.

    Big Navi, or the 6000 series GPU's will launch on November 28th 2020. The very minimal benchmark they showed had examples of 4K gaming with ultra settings at over 60FPS for Borderlands 3, COD Modern Warfare, and Gears of War 5. Definitely impressive.

    Here's their full video: