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  • Forum rules

    This will evolve over time, but I wanted to get some rules in place just to have them.
    • If you're new and want to introduce yourself, make a thread inside this channel (sub-forum) introducing yourself!
    • While there is no self-promotion allowed in the forums, this introduction post is where you can share some links to your music or social media accounts! You may also place links on your profile page as well to music or social media channels.
    • Be respectful to other people on the forum, even if they're disrespectful to you first. When I worked in food service in college, our saying was 'kill them with kindness', and I think that applies well here too.
    • Don't spam. This includes your music, any products for yourself or someone else, or really just any kind of spamming.
    • Keep all links and images safe for work environments. Some people may be looking on the forum at work, or with children around, so don't put them at risk.
    • Swearing is allowed, but please keep it light and relatively non-offensive. If people abuse this i'll have to restrict this policy further.
    • Avoid sensitive topics. I'm all for a good argument or discussion, but this isn't the place to start a heated discussion about who you're voting for. It's fine if something comes up in passing, but don't start threads or comments for the sole purpose of this and don't shame anyone for their political beliefs, religious beliefs, or anything really.
    I don't imagine it being an issue, but i'd rather have some clarity on what is and isn't allowed here. These rules are common sense for the most part. I reserve the right to ban or suspend anyone for any reason as this is my website, but I hope I never have to. I'm pretty lax when it comes to this stuff, so if I have to ban/suspend anyone you definitely messed up in an obvious way. I'll try to warn people before I do though, but no guarantees.