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  • Introduction

    Hi. I’m glad this forum exists. I’m a songwriter, multi instrumentalist and I write, arrange, record and produce my own music, some of which is on Spotify, YouTube, Bandcamp and other platforms (my distributor is ONErpm). I live in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, which is near Niagara Falls. I write various styles of music, from ballads to electronic (synth) instrumentals. Hoping to learn how to promote my music, but I’m also aware I need to up my game in order to really have a decent product. For instance, I will soon be using vocalists for hire, because my voice isn’t what it once was. Just saying Hi to everyone.

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    I would love to hear what you've got! We have a lot in common! I'm also a songwriter/instrumentalist/producer I bet it's beautiful in Canada! For promotion, you'll get it, just focus on organic connections with individuals, and you'll have 1,000 fans in no time!


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      Just posted a tune in Self-Promo... after listening to your song, I'd say we may have much in common but not musically, lol...