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  • 2 birds one stone

    Two questions and for the sake of avoiding cross posting. I am only 31/2 hrs into my campaign and these are my results now I only have 100 to spend and plan on doing 25 a day. But I am at 5 dollars almost a 5th of my daily budget with only 5 clicks is there anything majorly wrong here? My campaign is set up current to Our founders setup following with the addition of the 5 do nots. The second question is all my ads have the same video but different pets of the song. This campaign as well as previous campaigns always block a few random ads for things accusations that Iā€™m not guilty of and when I appeal still blocked? As you can see in the image 3 other ad sets are running just fine and again the ad sets are identical with the exception of what part of the song is playing. Any help would be appreciated. Sincerely an artist with next to nothing budget trying to make the most of it šŸ˜‚