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Hey what's up gamers it's yore boi Dylan Fallon here

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  • Hey what's up gamers it's yore boi Dylan Fallon here

    Hey what's up gamers it's yore boi Dylan Fallon here and today I will be epically introducing myself

    I extend my greetings to everyone (got to put it in a weird way you know?)

    A little about me:

    Anyway, I am a guy based in the Bay Area in northern California. I am an engineering student at ERAU Prescott AZ with a passion for e p i c g a m i n g , and more importantly, music, aviation, and digital 3D art (3D modeling, animation and other parts of that field). I intend to develop my music career as a side hustle that I would take seriously. 3D modeling would be my other side hustle while, ideally, I would run a business manufacturing aircraft parts and replica parts for historically significant aircraft.

    My involvement with music over the years:

    I got started with music back when I was somewhere between 4 and 6 by playing violin. That didn't last too long but I had some musical background developed at the time. I eventually picked up guitar at around age 8-10 and that lasted for a very short period because my dad thought I wasn't taking it seriously enough. What could you really expect from a 10 year old ADHD kid though? That is just unfair but I eventually stopped playing. By the time I was 12 I started piano, for which I took lessons for about 3-4 years. I started writing bits and pieces of lyrical content for songs that popped into my head back in 2017. I kept playing piano on occasion throughout my early years in high school and then by junior year I started to write pieces for piano and I would play regularly on my own. During that time I picked up my dad's bass one day and started messing around on it because I was starting to feel like I couldn't get all of my ideas out without playing other instruments. I eventually decided that I should try guitar because it is, in reality, the easy way out of bass rather than the other way around as some would believe. Additionally, I had ideas for guitar parts in all of my songs. That is how I got into playing music and what happened with regards to my music writing.

    About the music I write:

    Much of what I write is primarily influenced by the following:
    1. The Beatles
    2. Led Zeppelin
    3. Rory Gallagher
    4. Jimi Hendrix
    5. Donovan
    6. Vulfpeck
    7. Pink Guy/Joji (might be confusing seeing the listed genres below but this is my main jazz influence given the samples used in George Miller's hip hop tracks)
    8. James Taylor
    9. Pink Floyd

    Genres into which my work fits (current or planned):
    1. Hard rock
    2. Folk rock
    3. Blues rock
    4. Psychedelic rock
    5. Art rock
    6. Math rock
    7. Album rock (but :ahaa: I don't have any albums)
    8. Soft rock
    9. Roots rock
    10. Jazz rock/fusion
    11. Acid rock
    12. Garage rock
    13. Symphonic rock
    14. Baroque rock
    15. Funk rock
    16. Folk
    17. Jazz
    18. Funk

    My projects:

    I started a band or at least a "band" called The Motheaten Men. In the ideal situation, we would actually do things together. The issue is a-few-fold... 1. We are in college in different parts of the country 2. Quarantine makes interaction a bit cumbersome 3. As the principle songwriter I'm kind of decent with piano and almost alright with guitar, but not good enough, although I have good singing capabilities. I intend to release an EP with the boys over the summer. I'll hopefully have time over the coming winter break to write with them. After that EP to establish a small catalogue, I want to release a string of singles and maybe another EP before releasing an album. I have written a decent number of songs for the band. I have probably 100+ notes on my phone with lyrics for songs so it's a matter of selecting what songs are worth releasing and what should be reworked or scrapped and cannibalized.

    Before any releases with The Motheaten Men, I am releasing a shitpost album of songs I made in FL Studio during my summer before college. Some of them were for our "beat competitions" held on our discord server, consisting of my high school friends as well as some other people that we all know from outside our group. My album is called Songs for a Wank Stain. It's essentially avant-garde computer music (maybe) crossed with comedy rock and "penis music" as per the meme or something of the sort. The release date was supposed to be 10/16/20 but I forgot to replace some text in the cover art with my name so CD Baby was like h*ck you, you're bad so to the back of the queue. Bad Kids to the Back, apparently.
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    The story of my musical tastes:

    This story starts out reasonably standard and then becomes kind of funny or at least mildly amusing.

    The not funny part:
    In the earliest years directly after having been adopted by my aunt whom I call my mom, I would hear a lot of music during car rides because we had a number of CDs often with classic rock on them. We had Rubber Soul by The Beatles, Queen's Greatest Hits or something of the sort, a mixtape of an assortment of songs made by my mom's cousin (but it was a CD so should I call it a mixdisc?), and a jazz compilation for kids. I have some memories of going to the San Francisco Symphony too. The music was great but at the same time, a squirrely 3 or 4 year old would have a lot of trouble sitting still. I felt mildly trapped even if the music was enjoyable. A song that I remember from a young age is Hey Bulldog by The Beatles which became my #1 favorite song years later. I was 3 when I first heard it because I had watched the Yellow Submarine animated film numerous times from then until probably age 5. It was like a safe acid trip for a young child that my mom could just sit me in front of to keep me quiet and occupied. I was really into Iron Man by Black Sabbath when I was 8 because I fell in love with the Iron Man movie and it was a song in the credits. That was the first song I wanted to learn on guitar when I was much younger. Around 7th and 8th grade I primarily listened to video game soundtracks. Before my freshman year of high school I was introduced to You're Gonna Go Far, Kid by The Offspring. I ended up buying the album Rise and Fall Rage And Grace and that was the main thing I listened to that school year. Additionally, I had discovered a YouTube channel with an intro that somewhat scratched my itch for jazz. Looking for the song, I found the title and artist. The song was Out of My Mind by Jamie Berry. It led to recommendations to electro swing compilations by Xefox Music, a channel dedicated to electronic music. That is how I discovered electro swing as well as Caravan Palace, an electro swing band.

    The funny part:
    Sometime during that year, my family and I went to our newly bought mountain house. Late at night, there wouldn't be much to do so we watched the Minion Movie one night. During the credits, I heard this song that was just "yes." It just hit right on so many levels. That song was Mellow Yellow by Donovan from his 1967 album, Mellow Yellow. It was quite a departure from what I had been listening to for much of that year but it soon would be the reason for a dramatic shift in my tastes. I started listening to music that was old enough that you could actually sense the atmosphere and the beautiful imperfect quality of the tape to which sound was recorded and the tubes in the mixing console (transistors, not tubes in the case of Abbey Road by The Beatles). Not one bit was done or could be done on a computer. None of these qualities were a creative choice as was the case with electro swing. It was old enough for you to feel the atmosphere feeding into the music but not enough for it to overpower the finer articulations and nuances of a musician's playing. Anyway, enough romanticizing about old music recording and sound qualities. Dylan like classic rock because Dylan watch Minion Movie. idk To me it just feels funny and a bit stupid for THE MINION MOVIE to shape my musical tastes.

    Back to the not funny part:
    I found a 60s playlist on Spotify because of Mellow Yellow and then discovered that The Beatles were a 60s band. I had no idea as to what era they were beforehand because I never was particularly passionate about music until around this point. Over the course of high school I was not too adventurous beyond The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Creedence Clearwater Revival, David Bowie, Pink Guy, Joji, and Caravan Palace. The vast majority of my listening was The Beatles though. Towards the end, I opened up to a broader selection very slowly, starting with soul. After my senior year, I took a gap year, during which I was expanding into somewhat more random directions. Over the summer, my friends' band, Band Sanitizer played Dean Town by Vulfpeck. By holiday season of 2019, I had gotten deep into Vulfpeck and funk. Over the winter break for all of my friends I had discovered Greta Van Fleet and showed one of their songs to a friend. He laughed and said, "You like Greta Van Fleet and you haven't heard Led Zeppelin? Now when you listen to Led Zeppelin, you'll think they sound like Greta Van Fleet." So naturally I felt "legally" obligated to listen to Led Zeppelin. I tried listening to some of their songs but I found some of their songs to be lacking in bass especially when compared to some songs by The Beatles. That made it a bit of an odd transition, but by February, I downloaded their first album and really enjoyed it thoroughly. I had been doing an internship program in Washington DC which started at the end of January. I eventually got into their second one a week or so after the first. I had trouble getting into the third one and did not enjoy it as much. The fourth was a little bit odd as well. I didn't like Houses of The Holy at the time (I think it's pretty h*cking good now though) and found a lot of Physical Graffiti to be only somewhat more palatable. By March, I had come full circle and discovered the album Open Road by Donovan and really enjoyed that. Having seen footage on YouTube of Rory Gallagher and his band Taste play Sugar Mama live at the Isle of Wight Festival in 1970 earlier in my gap year or senior year, I saw something else in my recommended some time over the winter relating to their performance. I discovered What's Going On by the same band this time around. I eventually searched it on Spotify and listened to their entire album, On The Boards. This led me to get into Rory Gallagher. Because of Donovan, Led Zeppelin, and Taste/Rory Gallagher, I really got into folk rock. Eventually one of my friends from Band Sanitizer showed my 100 gecs whom I had heard previously and then I asked for him to make a playlist with other such *wild* music. I had heard some of black midi's music beforehand but I only got into it once he added them to the playlist. By then, I finally developed some taste for modern music. I'd say most certainly better than most kids my age but that's not necessarily fair. But if you like the likes of say Drake or some of those types, I think your tastes are cheap. It's not a slight against hip hop and other modern music but more against *just* a large subset of it. This is self incriminating information to offend people I guess. Anyway, we can't be friends. JK I love you. I love everybody. That is hyperbolic but I generally have something to appreciate in just about everyone I know who isn't explicitly a "stinki boopi" person.


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      Random garbage:

      About my aforementioned singing capabilities, I have the ability to stylistically and tonally match voices like George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney (sort of decently but not as easily), Ringo Starr, Robert Plant (though my voice is a good bit bassier but I can hit the majority of the notes with a decent likeness to the guy), Rory Gallagher (easier than Paul but not as easy as the rest), David Bowie, Donovan, James Taylor, Ian Anderson, and some others. I feel like a fool when trying to sing like Jimi Hendrix sometimes though. I'm happy to have a 3.25 octave range from E2 to G5 or so which is decently versatile so I've never sang a song that wasn't possible for me aside from maybe one or two where I needed to probably hit G#/Ab5 or A5. That pisses me off though because I'm too stubborn to sing any song outside of the original key. That is how I started high school: being unable to sing some songs on Rubber Soul and "The White Album" to being able to nail every one except maybe one or two when I'm tired.

      The reason for my personal album is for the sake of trying to figure out how to manage artist pages on an assortment of streaming platforms. I was thinking that I would have an artist page established to have a catalogue to use as a springboard because I want to give my band a bit of a head start in some form of establishment. The idea is to establish separate artist pages for individual band members and then post minimalistic demos under the band as the primary artist with a feature for the band member who wrote the song. The definitive version of each song would ideally be recorded in a proper studio. Given that I enjoy planning ahead, even if wishfully, I get deep into some potentially out there or unrealistic ideas. I'm hoping to take our work to the studio in a year or two. I just need time to un-s***ify myself with regards to guitar. As for the first EP and some of the early singles, I think a more DIY recording approach to set us up with an audience before sinking money into recording time at a studio would be necessary.

      My favorite songs in order:
      Hey Bulldog - The Beatles
      Ramble On - Led Zeppelin
      What's Going On - Taste
      Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles
      I've Got A Feeling - The Beatles
      The Rain Song - Led Zeppelin
      I Fall Apart - Rory Gallagher
      Crosstown Traffic - Jimi Hendrix
      I Am The Walrus (Take 16) - The Beatles
      Swan Song [fan reconstruction] - Led Zeppelin
      Old Brown Shoe - The Beatles
      Don't Let Me Down - The Beatles
      Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey - The Beatles
      Used To Be - Rory Gallagher
      You Never Give Me Your Money - The Beatles
      Good Times Bad Times - Led Zeppelin
      Disco Ulysses - Vulfpeck
      I Want You (She's So Heavy) - The Beatles
      Clara Clairvoyant - Donovan
      Honey - King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
      Dean Town - Vulfpeck
      Spanish Castle Magic - Jimi Hendrix
      Stairway To Heaven - Led Zeppelin
      Maybe I Will - Rory Gallagher
      All Things Must Pass (Demo) - George Harrison/The Beatles (accounting for Get Back sessions takes)

      You might notice that most of the listed Beatles songs are likely songs you haven't heard of before. That is because I like their good stuff more than their popular songs. That might sound pretentious but I firmly believe that a select few of their most popular songs are a part of their best. If you don't dig deep, you won't find many of their bangers. If you search hard rock bands on Google, you will find that the Beatles do come up as a result here and there as well as in the carousel at the top of the page but few really recognize them for their more aggressive tracks in their catalogue. Helter Skelter is their most recognized among songs that were considered influential in hard rock and metal developments. However, I'm not a fan of them just for being aggressive. Their more nuanced, calm, and quiet tracks are also rather good. That is something I like about Led Zeppelin. While most recognized for power and aggression, they really are capable of impactful and meaningful delivery with calmer songs such as Thank You, The Rain Song, Tangerine, No Quarter, and Ten Years Gone.

      Just to be an ass and to offend people some more... If I could put sanctions on modern music I'd say the only permitted acts include but are not limited to the likes of the following:
      Joji/Pink Guy
      Zack Fox
      Black Midi
      100 gecs
      Death Grips
      Kero Kero Bonito
      Caravan Palace
      Jacob Collier
      King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
      Snarky Puppy
      Rex Orange County
      Boy Pablo
      Foo Fighters
      Tame Impala
      Doja Cat
      and obviously Miles Davis :ahaa:

      Not to say that anything that strays from this is bad... I really don't care if you like other modern stuff. It's perfectly fine. This was just to upset people for the sake of upsetting people. It is all bait. One thing I must say though is as much as I generally like rock and generally don't like hip hop, I find a lot of modern rock acts to be obnoxious. At the same time, some hip hop artists are pretty spicy because they really have something that hits right... or hits extremely wrong in the best way possible. Pink Guy, Zack Fox, and Viper all hit wrong in that beautiful way. We need more hip hop and trap like that. I firmly believe the strongest point of such genres is comedy. Meanwhile a lot of mainstream modern rock seems to have taken a grimy aesthetic and yet it feels pretty soy. It doesn't even have a lot of badass. It's like a false front. These eggy egg lords need to go. As much as I think they are an overall asswipe band I'd take the f***ing Rolling Stones' aesthetic over mainstream modern rock aesthetic.

      Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my long ass trash rambling... as well as me offending people for musical tastes when in reality I am cool with whatever anyone personally enjoys...
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        Hey Dylan! Welcome to the forum. Awesome that you're also into engineering and 3D modeling, i'm a mechanical engineer so of course i'm also big into all that stuff as well.

        Awesome super in depth introduction too haha. Its funny, we're into like completely opposite music haha. I tend to be into modern stuff like EDM, Pop, Progressive Metal / Djent, and Future Bass. Artists like Illenium, San Holo, Periphery, Monuments, Tool, Meshuggah, 30 Seconds To Mars, Odesza, Khalid etc.


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          Hi Dylan, this is an epic introduction indeed haha. I saw you mention "Vulfpeck" and I'm super into that haha! Doja and Boy Pablo too. Quite an eclectic mix you have there haha.


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            Originally posted by AndrewSouthworth View Post
            Hey Dylan! Welcome to the forum. Awesome that you're also into engineering and 3D modeling, i'm a mechanical engineer so of course i'm also big into all that stuff as well.

            Awesome super in depth introduction too haha. Its funny, we're into like completely opposite music haha. I tend to be into modern stuff like EDM, Pop, Progressive Metal / Djent, and Future Bass. Artists like Illenium, San Holo, Periphery, Monuments, Tool, Meshuggah, 30 Seconds To Mars, Odesza, Khalid etc.
            I'm glad to hear about our intersecting interests! As for music, I can't say we have tastes that are entirely diametrically opposed, however. As for EDM, most of pop, and future bass, I don't think there is much commonality, but I do have some appreciation for (primarily older) metal. Actually though, electro swing and Caravan Palace is probably my little connection to EDM. I don't know if you can count black midi as metal but it's definitely somewhere in the realm of noise/prog rock or prog metal. I would highly suggest listening to them. It sure isn't modern or prog but Black Sabbath's album, Paranoid, is pretty good. I need to set aside some time for In The Court Of The Crimson King by King Crimson as well. They are one of those prog rock bands from a long time ago that would maybe have some loose commonalities with some of prog metal. I have heard a bit about Tool from Rick Beato as well as Kmac and now that you mention them I think I'll take a listen.

            My top suggested modern acts for you:
            1. Vulfpeck - funk and pop
            2. black midi - noise rock
            3. King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard - all sorts of rock (primarily psychedelic) + a metal album
            4. Snarky Puppy - jazz/rock/funk
            These are my top recommendations for you if you haven't heard them yet. I'm planning on listening to Tool so if you have any recommendations for their albums as well as other bands that would be much appreciated.
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              Originally posted by JuliaKarr View Post
              Hi Dylan, this is an epic introduction indeed haha. I saw you mention "Vulfpeck" and I'm super into that haha! Doja and Boy Pablo too. Quite an eclectic mix you have there haha.
              1965-1975 is my favorite era of music so eclectic would most certainly be an appropriate word. Given your listed artists, I'm curious as to what you think of Rex Orange County as well as Joji. The former is stylistically similar to Boy Pablo at least to my ear and Spotify seems to imply heavy correlation between Boy Pablo and Joji fans for whatever reason.