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  • Intro - Andre van Drunen

    Hi, I am Andre van Drunen, brazilian (now living in Portugal) singer/songwriter.

    My story: I always wanted to do something with music, but was too shy to actually record myself. In 2017 I finally got over it and created my YouTube channel, where I posted covers of pop songs (Lana del Rey, Lorde, Billie Eilish etc), which at first did not get many subscribers (anyone who has something with youtube knows how hard it is), but then one video I made got kind of "viral" (not actually, but for a channel with less than 1000 subscribers, it was): it was a medley of Lorde's album Melodrama, where I sing and play while get my face painted in different colours (see here Someone posted this video on a group on facebook and that got me a lot of views and I quickly earned a lot of followers, and this video is still the one with most views (more than 100k!). Years have passed and I couldn't keep with content every time and the engagement is dropping even now I am posting more.
    It was always my plan to create a group of followers/fans by covering other songs and then release my own music. But when 2020 arrived, I realised I would never have "enough" fans and said to myself that this was the year regardless of the low engagement and released my first original song in April, which I composed, sang and produced everything by myself. It was good to release, but not many people listened to it, submitHub rejected me, but I came across Andrew's channel and gave the facebook ads a try and was surprised with the results: even with 5 dollars a day, I got more saves on a week than the whole 3 months of the already released song!

    Although my first song was mainly pop (or even musical theatre type of song, I was told), my musical style floats around pop and something more alternative/jazzy (I am heavily influenced by Sara Bareilles, Jacob Collier and Lianne La Havas). Now I have a project of an EP, and its first single will come out on October 30, and I will run facebook ads to it, hoping to have better results than my previous release.

    It is hard to keep motivated when sometimes you feel like no one actually listens to you, but you have to keep going and make more and more things, study marketing techniques and maybe one day it will be our day to shine (oh, by the way, the title of my upcoming EP is 'Not the Day I Shine', where I ironically say that it is not the day I shine but inside I would love for it to be hahahaha).

    If you are interested, this is my first (original) release, "My Feelings' Letter":
    And this is my upcoming single, "Doubt":

    Nice to see everyone here and hope we make a great community and help each other!
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