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  • Hi All!

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm Daragh, a producer/musician/composer from Ireland. I was involved in music a lot many years ago, but let my career take over. I quit about a year ago to lead a more creative and fulfilling life. So I've spent the last year re-learning everything I knew about music, and trying to get up to speed with how the music industry has changed. I came across Andrews videos, and they have been really helpful. (Thanks, Andrew!).

    I have almost finished a solo EP, I'm not actually sure what Genre it is...that's something I need to discover! It's electronic beats with real instruments, (Piano, Violin, Trumpet). I like to think of it as hip hop but with instruments instead of Vocalists! Working with musicians has been very rewarding, the songs have really come to life with their help.

    I will be going to the studio in 3 weeks to mix the project, and then releasing early December.

    I'm looking forward to hearing everyone's music and learning some tactics and strategy regarding promotion/releasing.

    Dia duit gach duine mo chairde! (That's Irish for hello my friends!)