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The suspension of the vast majority China email list

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  • The suspension of the vast majority China email list

    Of face-to-face events has generated the need to seek other forms of organization and meeting for interaction between companies. The Internet has China email list become the ideal channel to be able to organize this type of event virtually, allowing access without time or location limitations for access. Digitization of employment, training is the key One of the effects that China email list digitization has had the greatest impact on the labor market is the appearance of new job profiles that are demanded by companies .

    The great investment made by organizations and China email list companies in digital transformation has generated the need for new , much more sophisticated job profiles with specialization in certain areas . These profiles are necessary in all areas of the business, from management teams, through marketing, production, logistics, finance and human resources. Currently, more than 40 new digital professions have emerged that are in high demand and require people China email list with new skills related to technology and cloud computing. Some of these profiles that are currently in high demand are digital marketing manager , chief information security officer (cybersecurity specialist), artificial intelligence specialist or cloud consultant (for migrations to the cloud and remote work in the cloud ).

    Knowledge of computer security, use of digital tools, capacity for virtual communication, task planning, collaborative work, are some of the new skills and China email list knowledge necessary to be able to respond to current business needs. Online sales and telecommuting The business sector has had to adapt to a new situation where the digitization of employment and the internet is the center for doing business. Workers have moved to work remotely and adapt to a new situation without diminishing their productivity and performance, and companies have had to resort to new sales channels .The use of marketplaces and online sales portals have been key to being able to continue offering products and services between companies and customers.