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5 Landing Page country email list to Avoid

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  • 5 Landing Page country email list to Avoid

    You've successfully lured your visitor to the landing page , don't scare them away now! To present your premium content offer well , you must avoid falling into the basic traps that are regularly found in landing pages. Let's see how you will manage to get around the 5 most common mistakes. Mistake #1: Keep browsing Far too often I come across landing pages that are fully embedded in a website or blog. It's a shame because by keeping the visual architecture country email list the offer, we don't allow the Internet user to concentrate on country email list what we are offering. Here is an example of a landing page that has kept the visual structure of the website: landing page problem My advice: purify the landing page of all navigation. This allows your user to focus only on what you want country email list to do: fill out the form! Here is an example of a good landing page: landing page example Mistake #2: Asking for too much information in the form The temptation is great, you want to know the name, the first name, the company but also his email, his telephone and then his function in the company and why not his weekend hobby?!

    For the number of fields , country email list are no rules, you must evaluate the value of your premium content in relation to what the Internet user will be inclined to give you. In principle, premium content at the top of the conversion funnel (in discovery) will require less information than content at the bottom of the conversion funnel (in decision). Here is an example of a discovery form: landing page form Mistake #3: Omitting an explanation of the offer Don't present your country email list “roughly” with only a presentation sentence and a form (as in the example of error #1). First of all, reassure your visitor with the keywords that allowed him to land on this page. Next, present your offer clearly : is the objective to download a white paper? to register for a webinar? to attend an event? Finally, briefly summarize the benefits that the Internet user will derive from completing the form. Use a bulleted list to make it easier to read and highlight key words with bold.

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