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  • Treyarch OST Crew.

    Hey everyone,

    I was wondering if anybody would like to talk about the Treyarch OST crew (such as Kevin Sherwood, Brian Tuey, Jack Wall, etc.).

    Maybe I can spruce up a convo with the release of Treyarch's latest installment of CoD: Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War.

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    Did you get BOCW? I've been liking it a lot, although a lot of my friends hate it compared to MW haha.


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      I did not, and unfortunately I don't have the place to put my PS4 or Xbox One for it, and probably don't have the time. Sucks cuz I'd love to play a round of zombies with anyone on here.

      Zombies tbh is the whole reason I even got into CoD, and a major reason why I still play to this day. I definitely appreciate their artists, producers and engineers as well.

      Elena Siegman, Clark S. Nova and Malukah are all talented featured artists, each one representing a different aspect as to "who's in control of the zombies" (meaning that when they sing a song, it's usually because the zombies are controlled by someone like them).