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Me Nintendo switch.

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  • Me Nintendo switch.

    Testing photo uploads.

    got a Nintendo switch for me birthday. (Present to myself haha). It’s already under the same category in discord but thought I’d post it here.

    also testing how to write in different fonts and attributes.

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    emoji testing.


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      I got a Nintendo Switch a while back too--to play games with my grandson, like I used to play with his daddy. Haven't opened the box yet, because...quarantine. Sigh...


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        oof. Sorry to hear. It's definitely a great gaming device. I don't call it a console or handheld because it's kind of... both? and yet it's also kind of neither, being it's own thing. Out of all of the gaming devices Iv'e had though, it's definitely given me the best experience, since...
        - I don't have much time for the dedication of PC gaming
        - I have no place to put my consoles
        - I don't own any handhelds
        - mobile gaming barely qualifies as gaming with its ludicrous amounts of "in-game purchases and advertising".